COVID-19 Plan

As an annual outdoor attraction, the Kentucky State Fair Board is responding to concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19. All options are being considered to create a safe environment for all those in attendance while keeping true to the Kentucky State Fair and World’s Championship Horse Show. This plan encompasses all expectations and emerging requirements.

COVID-19 Plan Highlights

The inside of the facility will be closed to the general public and only accessible to livestock and horse show exhibitors, judges and related staff. Aisle ways inside the facility and at the concert series will be widened and some identified as one-way aisles.

Certain areas will be closed and maximum occupancy of indoor spaces will be reduced by up to 82% to offer sufficient space for social distancing practices.

Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be available throughout the property.

Hours of operation will be reduced to ensure staff and vendors time to thoroughly clean and sanitize in preparation for the next day.

Masks will be required for all staff, vendors, judges and livestock participants. Gloves will be worn by staff accepting physical payment for goods. Visitors are suggested to wear masks.

Outdoor areas will be reprogrammed to accommodate events that are normally inside the facility

Broadbent Arena

The number of people in the arena will be limited to meet lower-capacity numbers.

Only credentialed individuals will be allowed in Broadbent Arena.

Capacity Control

Anticipate 50% reduction in attendance for 2020.

Increasing the square footage per person to 36 sq ft each, an increase to the NFPA standard of 7 sq ft.

Access Control will be able to keep a count of attendees and capacity.

Employ currently-established procedures to close gates when necessary – same procedures have been employed during previous Fairs.

Freedom Hall

Adhere to guidance from the Saddlebred associations and the Governor’s Office.

Continue to livestream the shows online in a pay-per-view format.

Freedom Hall will be closed each night to thoroughly clean and disinfect.

Judges will be required to wear masks.

Large class sizes will potentially be limited to enhance social distancing practices.

No spectators will be allowed into Freedom Hall. Trainers and media will be allowed in the upper concourse of Freedom Hall.
– Freedom Hall typically has a capacity of 14,555 for the World’s Championship Horse Show. Capacities for 2020 will be approximately 310 individuals compromised of 300 trainers and up to 10 members of the media, a 98% reduction in capacity.

Number of people along the show ring will be limited and required to wear masks.

Number of trainers in the areas around Freedom Hall, including the make-up ring and gate area, will be reduced.

Only riders/drivers, trainers and groomers will be allowed in the gate area.

Showtimes will be spaced out to clear up congestion in the make-up ring areas.

General/ Non-Livestock Entries

General/non-livestock entries will be canceled for the 2020 Kentucky State Fair. General Entries for the 2019 Kentucky State Fair totaled 20,807

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 12:00pm-11:00pm (Food vendors open at 12:00pm, other activities will begin at 2:00pm.)

Friday: 12:00pm-12:00am (Food vendors open at 12:00pm, other activities will begin at 2:00pm.)

Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am

Sunday: 10:00am-11:00pm

Operating hours will only apply to the general public, not people showing in the livestock and horse shows.

Livestock Entrants

Adhere to guidance from livestock associations.

Adhere to strictest guidelines provided by the Governor’s Office.

Barriers will be installed at the counter in the Livestock Office.

Each entrant will be given 2-4 tickets for family or chaperones to help with the animal. The number of tickets will be decided when a location is set and the number of entrants determined.

Entries for 2020 are expected to be down 69% compared to 2019 entries, allowing space for social distancing practices. Below are the number of entries from the 2019 Junior Livestock Shows (4-H and FFA):
– Beef Cattle 381 Entries (77.9% reduction of entries)
– Dairy Cattle 396 Entries (82.0% reduction of entries)
– Dairy Goats 120 Entries (63.3% reduction of entries)
– Sheep 800 Entries (28.6% reduction of entries)
– Swine 850 Entries (47.2% reduction of entries)
– Market Goats 600 Entries (7.6% reduction of entries)

Judges and entrants will be required to wear masks while in the show rings. Masks will also be encouraged around the barns.

Only Junior Livestock Shows (4-H and FFA) with Kentucky youth entrants will be allowed.

Pedestrian aisles will be increased to 8’-10’ wide.

Shows will be livestreamed.

Showtimes will be spaced out to clear up congestion in and around the make-up ring areas.


A thorough cleaning will be performed each day before opening.

Equipment cleaning procedures will be publicized for the general public.

Space, ride and queue lines to comply with social distancing guidelines.

See attachment for Kissel Entertainment Plan: Kissel Entertainment, LLC. “2020 Plan Of Action For Fairs”.

Kentucky Kingdom will be adhering to their COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that has been approved

Outside Concert Series

Concert area will be set up to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Footprint will be expanded from 1.9 to 5.19 acres – an increase of 273% acres.

Reduce the capacity to 42% of the 2019 capacity.

Several projector screens will be added to allow for an extended seating area.

Spacing of concert seating will be expanded from 32” rows to 6’ rows and 10’ cross aisles.

Outside Vendors

Additional hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be located throughout the grounds.

Adhere to the Healthy at Work Restaurant Guidelines.

Reduce the number of public tents from 6 to 1 – an 83% reduction.

The space allocation for Vendors will be the same, but the number of Vendors will be reduced by 83%, increasing the social distancing space between vendors and attendees – helping create more airflow and fewer gathering points.

Vendors will be required to meet all current Health Department guidelines at the time of the fair.

Vendors will be spaced out to comply with social distancing guidelines. They will need to be spaced out more than normal – possibly up to 10’.


Additional outdoor portable toilets will be made available to replace access to indoor restrooms.

Increased cleaning and sanitizing will take place throughout the day.

Signage will be placed at each restroom notifying visitors of the reduced occupancy.

School Tours

Educational materials that are made for school tours will be put online for students and teachers.

School tours will be canceled for the 2020 Kentucky State Fair.

South Wing B

Will remain un-utilized or re-programmed as a location for livestock

South Wing C

Will remain dedicated to the field hospital. We have not accepted or seen any patients on-site.


A barrier will be placed separating the back of the seats from the aisle where the attendant is located.

Family units will be allowed to sit next to each other.

Markings will be placed on the benches for individual seat locations. An attendant will be in the middle of the tram and will direct seating locations.

Signage will be placed on each tram.

Two-seat gaps will be placed between family units.

West Hall

A show ring will be set up in the southern portion of the Pavilion and utilized for shows during the first half of the fair.

Anchored stalls used by cattle will be reduced by up to 82% based on entries.

Space will be increased for stalling each individual head of cattle.

The southern portion of West Wing will be set up with pens and 10’ aisles.

All standards for the Livestock Area will apply to this area as well.

World's Championship Horse Show

(includes North Wing, Barn Areas, East Hall, Make-up Ring and South Wing A)

A relocated riding arena will be set up in East Hall A and B.

All common areas in the Horse Show Office and Stall Office will be wiped down routinely, multiple times throughout the day. In addition, cleaning supplies will be placed in the office for staff use.

Adhere to guidance from Saddlebred associations.

Air walls will be opened from the North Wing to South Wing A.

Barriers will be installed at the counter of the Horse Show Office.

Breed and exhibitor meetings will be limited to one representative per farm and held in a space large enough to maintain social distancing practices.

Barns and stalls will be limited to two people per stall. Stalls will not be used for living quarters. Social engagements in the barns and stalls will be prohibited.

Check-in times will be spaced to prevent congestion.

Farriers and Veterinarians will be allowed in the show rings and barn areas.

Online entries and class changes will be offered throughout the duration of the event to reduce Horse Show Office visits.

Only one office staff member will be dedicated to taking credit cards.

Only riders/drivers, trainers and groomers will be allowed in the make-up area.

Queue lines will be set up with markers to give a visual representation of social distance requirements.

Saddlebred Café and vendors will be removed the from the North Wing.

Staff will be required to wear a face mask. Staff that accept physical payment will wear gloves and disinfect the credit card machine after each use.

The North Wing will be reconfigured for stalls only.

Refer to Freedom Hall Section for additional guidelines